Wind Waker Advance

A "demake" of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, reimagined as a sidescrolling 2D platformer for the Game Boy Advance. You can buy this as a print, cell phone/iPad/laptop cover, throw pillow, and more at my Society 6 page!

Doc Wheatley - Let's Play

A commission I did for Doc Wheatley's YouTube channel banner. You can watch his let's play videos here! He's hilarious and a great friend of mine. You can also catch both of us on the Shy Kids Podcast.

The Shy Kids

Album Art I did for The Shy Kids, a comedy podcast I perform on. You can catch episodes of it here!

Cloud Returns - Final Fantasy 13

An entry for a Lightning Returns fanart contest. Click on the thumb for the full image.

Couple's Portrait

A portrait I did of my girfriend and myself, and our respective animal friends.

Camera Obscura

Below are assets that I created for Camera Obscura, a project that I was the lead artist for.
They include character sprites, environmental tilesets, and backgrounds. You can vote for the gameon Steam Greenlight!

Other Sprites

These are sprites that I did for other projects, such as the game Harvest, which I designed and programmed.